EL34 Guitar Amp Progress

I finished the power supply for this little EL34 amp last night. Nothing quite like 578 VAC running through your hand to jolt (hah) you awake. I’ve got the B+ and filament lines wired up, along with a three prong AC plug and a fuse for safety.


Power supplies are fairly standard from one amp to another, so I soldered this together on the fly without a schematic. I’ll need to design a phase inverter, pre-amp, and tone stack in the next few days before I continue.

The twisted bare wire coming off the protoboard is a make-shift ground bus I put together. This will make it easy to connect the grounds of all the other components as I go along.

Inspired by Uncle Doug, I think I’ll put this amp in a nice wooden box with a grill cloth. I’ll be bugging my cabinet maker friends for time in their shops for this.

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